Arnis International Holding LLC.  has started its activity with an experienced staff in the field of supply and export of Bitumen, Sulfur, Ethelyn Glycol such as: MEG, DEG & TEG in Iran. Currently Iran is second largest countries in terms of export of bitumen and Sulfur and we are glad to export to major countries such as: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, India and more.

Bitumen is mostly been used in road construction and as additive in asphalt mixtures, the second most consumption of bitumen is in insulation industry. We currently export Bitumen in different grades such as: 60/70, 85/100, 40/50, 10/20, Emulsion and Cutback grades. We can offer bitumen on both Bulk and Drum packing with delivery of EXW, FOB and CFR basis and with competitive offer and highest quality. The main port of our export is Bandar Abbas port located in south of Iran and shipment is accessible to any part of world by Sea.





Analysis of Arnis Holding's export bitumen



Vacuum baton


Export of the first cargo of bulk bitumen on September 12, 2019


Export of the second shipment of solid bitumen from Jumbo Bag on November 25, 2020


​    ​​​

Export of the third shipment of barrel bitumen on January 20, 2021





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